Black Friday 2022 deals: The biggest sales of the year are here!

Black Friday 2022 deals: The biggest sales of the year are here!

That title really got your attention, right? However, I have to be honest with you...

As a small business owner, it's impossible to compete with big companies and handing out discounts like 70% off. Besides, companies being able to give so much discount, it kind of feels like you're being ripped off the rest of the year, right...? Ugh!

But I do understand that times are hard for everyone right now. People think twice about how and where they spend their money. I can preach as much as I want about the importance of shopping local, but I totally get the importance of trying to save money, even when buying presents.

All the more reasons to be so incredibly thankful to see how many people do choose to shop local! It has been a crazy weekend with even more crazy prices thrown at us from big companies. Our mailboxes have exploded with discounts that our minds can't even comprehend.

So, THANK YOU to choose local. THANK YOU for supporting small businesses. THANK YOU for spreading so much love.




BLACK friday = LOCAL friday

Even though I won't be able to give you major discounts, I do want to thank you for your support and spoil you with a lovely discount and gifts, because I truly am so happy to have you as a member of the Keelin Design tribe!

=> 10% off on the entire webshop (Yes, even on the sale items! => Automated discount, no code needed)
=> Free gift for every order over €50 (The more you spend, the more gifts you get)
=> Promotion valid from 24/12 until 28/12

So, if you ask me, this sounds like the perfect time to shop some lovely Christmas gifts. Whether it's to spoil your favorite person or to spoil yourself, I'm sure you'll find something you will love to wear.



And do know that all of our jewelry is always created with the best care, and so much love and passion is put into every single piece of jewelry.

At Keelin Design, we want to create jewelry that makes you feel confident, jewelry that fits your style and emphasizes your unique personality.

So, buy jewelry because it makes you feel special, because it feels like it's made just for you. Not because of sales or low prices.

We're happy to make you glow!

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