How to style your hair with trendy hair accessories. Keelin Design

How to style your hair with trendy hair accessories.

In my previous blog post I already explained why hairpins are such a must-have accessory. But how do you style your hair without looking like a 12 year old?

Here are some lovely examples for you.


Resin alligator clips

Trendy resin alligator hair clips, available in many colors and designs.

Credits: Keelin Design & Pinterest

Not a fan of bold colors and designs? No worries, we also have a lovely range of geometric alligator clips in silver and gold.

Credits: Keelin Design & Pinterest

Big hair claw

With this hair accessory you can never go wrong. Stylish, messy, classical,... All styles are possible.

Credits: Keelin Design & Pinterest

Trendy hair clips

Hair clips in the most lovely (geometric) shapes: Circle, moon, triangle, ellips,...

Credits: Keelin Design & Pinterest


The classic of all hair accessories: The barrette. There are barrettes available in all shapes, sizes and colors. The ideal accessory for your trendy hairdo.

Credits: Keelin Design & Pinterest

Hair sticks / pins

What a cool way to give your hairdo a new upgrade! Go for a subtle and stylish look, or make a fun messy bun. Choose one or two hair sticks to give your hair that perfect upgrade.

Credits: Keelin Design & Pinterest

Hairpin with rod

Another classic: The hairpin with rod. This is a great hair accessory for women with thick long hair, a trendy look for everyone.

Credits: Keelin Design & Pinterest

You can find these hairpins and more on our website.

I am always happy to receive pictures of how you are styling your hair with one of our hair accessories so please tag us on social media @keelindesign or send an e-mail.

Go have fun, styling queen!

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