I've had it! Keelin Design

I've had it!

You probably experienced it as well: You have just bought a super nice new outfit and are looking for the perfect jewel to complete your look.

But... Then the frustration starts...

You love fine earrings but only find large ones. The earrings do not have the right color tone. The bracelet is too big. The necklace is too long.

Ugh! To go absolutely nuts, right?!

It's something I often struggled with myself: The shape didn't quite suit me, the bracelet was too big, the earrings weren't the right color, it was too expensive, the quality of the materials wasn't good,... And I could go on and on...

This was an extra motivation for me to get started with making jewelry myself.

But how on earth do you get started? After spending a lot of hours with our good friend Google, I soon knew what basic materials and tools I needed to start, I had enough knowledge about the quality of certain parts and I could continue to make a wish list at some hobby stores.

I remember how happy I was when my very first earrings were ready. They were 'as basic as it gets', but I was so very happy with them! Every day a new pair of earrings, exactly the way I like them. How fantastic is that?!

Fast-forward: Now, about 10 years later, I still enjoy designing and making jewelry just as much as in the very beginning (or even more!). And as icing on the cake, I get to share this passion with you.

It's been a huge rollercoaster of emotions. A learning process of trying, failing and trying again... Of bloody fingers and 'flying' tools (yeah, speaking of frustrations and disappointments... Lol!) to dances of joy and tears of happiness. My personal adventure in which I can put all my creativity. Making jewelry offers me wonderful moments of enjoyment when I can clear my head and dream away...

I hope to be able to take you with me into my magical world full of creativity. Welcome to Keelin Design!

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