Keelin Design - Keelin Design 2.0 - A new look and feel for our website and Social Media channels

Keelin Design 2.0 - A new look and feel for our website and Social Media channels

Our website and Social Media channels got a slightly different look & feel

Have you ever heard the phrase: "Sometimes you need to take a step back to take 2 steps forward."?⁠

⁠Well, that's what I did a while ago... I felt so lost lately, always being busy with my day job, the eternal struggle of finding a decent life/work balance, thinking about how I want to move forward with my business, ... I got so caught up in it all and felt so incredibly overwhelmed that I didn't know how to keep combining it all and how to be able to move forward. I felt so tired, drained actually.⁠

It's a struggle lots of (solo) entrepreneurs have experienced before, I'm sure. But there never is a "magical solution" to fix everything, unfortunately. So, what I did, was take a step back. I let go of all my frustrations, all my doubts, all my fears, ... and just breathed.⁠

I must admit, it taught me a lot. Not only about how I want to move forward in life and business, but it also gave me lots of insights about the person I am today.⁠

So, for what it's worth: I really recommend it to everyone. Just breath, feel all your feelings and trust on your own intuition. Tune in with yourself more, stop pushing your boundaries.⁠

And about those "2 steps forward"... Well, let's just say, even though I'm tired of working long days, I haven't felt this energetic in a long time.⁠

I've been working late evenings taking and editing new pictures for the website and our social channels, and even though I'm far from a professional photographer, I'm so happy with how they turned out. It all feels more like "me".⁠

I also have lots and lots of ideas for new collections, so stay tuned for more info about this later...⁠

For now, already more than 25 new items were added to our collections so be sure to check them out. Besides new wooden earrings, there are also minimalistic jewelry items added and a lovely collection of Stainless Steel rings.

More news, tips and behind the scenes will be shared later. But for now, I just felt like sharing these thoughts with you.

We all see other people's highlights on social media, but rarely the down sides (and I promise you, we all have them). So, let's change that. Let's keep things real. It's ok not to be ok sometimes, you know. Everyone feels lost, afraid, ... ones in a while. And all of that is perfectly fine.

Are you with me? ;)

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