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5 creative ways to store your jewelry | DIY jewelry storage Keelin Design

5 creative ways to store your jewelry | DIY jewelry storage

If you're a real jewelry lover like I am, you probably have tons of jewelry. But storing all those lovely jewelry pieces can be a little tricky. Even though we all know the importance of a proper jewelry storage, you probably don't want to spend a fortune on it, right? No worries, I got you covered!


Get creative

There are plenty DIY ideas to create your own jewelry storages.

I selected some awesome ways to store jewelry and want to prove to you that you don't have to spend hundreds of euro's to create that perfect display. And the best part: They don't only look good but they are very practical as well.



Credits: Pinterest

Get yourself some wooden shelves/trays, metal hooks and a fine bar. You can varnish the wood or even give it a lovely color, matching the decoration of your bedroom. In a minimum of time you'll be able to create the most beautiful (and handy!) jewelry racks.



Credits: Pinterest

Do you have some old tableware laying around that never get used? Maybe some beautiful family heritage that you cherish but isn't really your style to use in the kitchen? Gather your most beautiful teacups, bowls and plates and use them to store your jewelry.



Credits: Pinterest

Ice cube holders! I won't recommend putting them in your freezer though (lol), but they are perfect to organize your jewelry. Never worry about your necklaces getting entangled. You can easily use a separate space for every piece of your jewelry collection.



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Picture frames are a great way to store your jewelry as well, and they are the perfect decoration for you dressing room. You can use lace or other fabric to create an elegant look, or even aluminium mesh to pin your earrings on.



Credits: Pinterest

Another kitchen tool that looks amazing for storing your jewelry: A cake stand. There is plenty of room and layers to store your favorite jewelry pieces.


Which DIY project are you planning on trying out?


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