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Holiday jewelry gift inspiration guide 2022

Holiday jewelry is meant to be a special gift, but that doesn’t mean it has to be an expensive gift. Even if you don’t have a lot to spend, at Keelin Design you’ll be able to find something beautiful that your loved one will be proud to wear.

Holiday Jewelry Gifts for Women

For all the jewelry enthusiasts on your holiday gift lists, here are a range of gifts for the sparkle obsessed people in your life.



1/ Mix & Match jewelry box (€50)

2/ Sparkling earrings with Swarovski Elements (€30)

3/ Create your own initial necklace (from €25)



1/ Long earrings with Swarovski Elements ear studs and Magnesite (€35)

2/ Fine earrings with green, black or white glass stones (€25)

3/ Matching Stainless Steel jewelry set (necklace + bracelet) SILVER - Matching Stainless Steel jewelry set (necklace + bracelet) GOLD (€45)

4/ Fine Stainless Steel heart necklace (€20)



1/ Dangle earrings with Mos Agate (€26)

2/ Statement Stainless Steel bracelets - Statement Stainless Steel bracelets (€25)

3/ Mix & Match initial necklace box (€60)



1/ Wooden earrings with beautiful flower dessin (€28)

2/ Stainless Steel rings (adjustable in size) (€15)

3/ Wooden statement earrings in black and gold (€32)

4/ Matching 18K Gold Plated jewelry set with Lapis Lazuli (€96)


Get inspired by these lovely gift ideas. Didn't find what you are looking for? Browse our Online store to find your perfect Holiday gifts.

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