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Handmade Jewelry: A gift from the heart!


The leaves paint our world with the most beautiful colors. The days and nights are getting colder. People make it cozy at home with candles and warm blankets. Christmas lights fill the streets with warm fuzzy feelings.

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In 7 weeks we all cuddle up next to the Christmas tree, enjoying quality time with family and friends. Making memories that will last a lifetime.

Days filled with food, drinks, joyful feelings and of course: Presents. What are you spoiling your loved ones with? Maybe a box of chocolates? Or a pair of funny socks? A nice bottle of wine? Flowers? Their favorite perfume?

Are you out of inspiration for original and personalized gifts that people truly love getting? And what about you? Are you tired of always getting the same things over and over and over again?

I feel you! Buying presents is not always an easy task. What can you buy for someone who seems to have everything they need already? Or maybe you have to buy a present for someone you don't know that well.

That nice bottle of wine, that cute box of chocolates and those beautiful flowers always seem the 'safest way to go'. But what's fun about getting another bottle of perfume when your bathroom closet is already turning into a perfume shop?!

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What do you really love to get as a present? Do you have a personal wishlist with things that warm your heart? I can imagine seeing the look on your face when you open a present and are disappointed to receive the same thing year after year...

Buying things that matter.

Try to think outside of the box when searching for the perfect present.

Who is the person you are buying for? What does she like to do in her free time? What clothes does she wear? What colors does she like? Look for the smallest details, they can be the perfect guide to find that one amazing gift.

Open up a conversation to really get to know that person. Maybe you will find out that she visits her favorite spa every month for a relaxing treatment. Maybe she loves journaling or painting. Maybe she's really into funny quotes and a personalized tote bag would be a great gift for her.

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What's a woman without jewelry, right?

If you ask me: Jewelry is always a good idea! But then again: Why buy something in a store that has been sold to hundreds or maybe even thousands of other women around the world?!

          Every person is unique, and so should be their jewelry!

I have been creating jewelry for over 7 years. I truly enjoy playing with colors, techniques, designs and materials. I only design jewelry that is limited edition... Just as you are.

What does handmade mean?

          Handmade [ hand-dead ]
          1. Made by hand, rather than by machine

At Keelin Design you will find a wide range of jewelry, from minimalistic jewelry to statement jewelry. Materials such as Stainless Steel, Wood, Freshwater Pearls, Swarovski Elements,... are often found in our collections.

But what does "handmade" really mean when shopping at Keelin Design?

Handmade means hours of research, drawing ideas, experimenting, failing and starting all over again.

Handmade means carefully picking the right materials for that one piece or collection.

Handmade means that every material, even the smallest parts, has gone through my hands when creating a jewel.

Handmade means turning a blank piece of wood into a fun design, hand paint it with love and care and create a small masterpiece for your ears/neck/arm.

          "When you support handmade you are not just supporting a person, small business, family or our economy. You are purchasing a small part of an artist's heart."

Conclusion: When buying handmade jewelry, it truly is a gift straight from the heart.

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