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Exploring the creative potential of polymer clay jewellery

As a creative soul, I really enjoy experimenting and continuing to develop myself as a person and as a maker. For example, I started working with polymer clay a few months ago.

With the incredible versatility of polymer clay, you are able to create unique designs that will amaze everyone, all thanks to your own creative skills. From classic pieces to bold, modern designs, polymer clay is a malleable material that allows creating beautiful jewelry that stand out from the crowd.


Get to know polymer clay

Polymer clay is a material that can be easily manipulated and molded into almost any shape imaginable, making it an ideal medium for jewelry making. By mixing, rolling and assembling individual pieces of polymer clay, you can create the most beautiful textures and patterns.

This malleable material is also incredibly durable. So rest assured that your polymer clay jewelry won't break any time soon!


Choosing the right tools, colors and finishes

When making polymer clay jewelry, it is important to choose the right tools and colors for your desired jewelry design.

A variety of finishes are available, such as glitter, satin or marble look, texture mats, stencils, transfer paper,... All these materials give a unique look to your jewelry, depending on your chosen style.

One of my personal favorites is adding mica based pigments and metal powders to add maximum vibrancy to the design.


With the huge range of options available for polymer clay jewelry design, there are endless possibilities to explore. So expect a lot of new collections full of color!

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