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Wooden jewelry: An ecological and fashionable choice

Wood is a widely used and versatile material. We often see it in furniture, home decorations, buildings, and also more and more in jewelry. Wood is an ecological and renewable material which holds many possibilities. This makes it so wanted in our handcrafted creations.

At Keelin Design, we mostly use natural wood in combination with Stainless Steel, Gold Plated or Rhodium Plated brass or nickel-, lead- and cadmium free metal. Every single piece is hand painted and handcrafted in beautiful colors and prints, with or without a beautiful resin coating. And all done by myself.



Wood has become an essential in the creation of all types of fashion accessories. You can find several earrings, necklaces, rings, giftsets and bracelets with handcrafted wooden jewelry parts in our collections.



Break out of the box and wear jewelry that is just as unique as you!

If you've never worn wooden jewelry before, you're missing out.

Why? Because wooden jewelry means:
- Unique pieces
- Hand crafted with great care
- Super lightweight (Yes, even the big statement pieces!)
- Sustainable and environmentally-friendly
Fashionable and trending
- Hypoallergenic


Are you still wondering if wood jewelry is something you might love to wear? Go and explore our wooden jewelry collection and find that one jewelry piece which will make you feel truly unique.

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