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Embracing imperfection while creating jewelry

Handmade jewelry are per definition unique. Since designing jewelry comes from the heart, every piece of jewelry that's created develops his own special character.

While for some people small imperfections are a deal breaker, I find that these imperfections make the jewelry even more beautiful and authentic. This really separates the machine-made items from the hand-made ones. And in my personal opinion, that's what makes the jewelry truly unique.



Support small businesses

Shopping handmade and supporting local businesses is hot & trending, and I can only cheer for that. It's so amazing to see that people actually care about the person behind a brand, the story of the maker and how the items are made. Handicraft is valued highly and for creators (like myself) this is a true blessing.

Credits: Keelin Design

Wooden jewelry

Our wooden jewelry collections are all manually made. From sketching the designs to transforming them into digital drawings, painting every laser cut piece and assembling all the jewelry parts to create that beautifully imperfect pair of earrings, necklace, bracelet, ring,...

It's a time-consuming process and requires a lot of patience and precision, but knowing that women shine more brightly wearing my jewelry designs makes it all worthwhile.


Unique pieces and Limited Edition jewelry

I've never been a fan of mass-production. "You are unique and so should be your jewelry!" That's what Keelin Design is all about.

Almost all of our earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and jewelry giftsets are Limited Edition. And of some jewelry pieces there is only one item made, speaking of a unique piece...

Why? Because I believe in the power of unicity and authenticity. I love to make jewelry that makes you stand out, jewelry that accentuates your personality and personal style. I want to create, not copy the same design over and over again.

And even though I really stand behind this principle, it's never fun to disappoint people. It sucks when someone's favorite earrings are sold out and I have to tell them they won't come back. But hey, if this is the case, never hesitate to contact me. Maybe we can figure something out and create an even more awesome piece of art for your ears, neck, arm, finger,... ;)


Wabi Sabi jewelry - Embracing the imperfection

Just like you and me, every piece of jewelry has it's own individual character.

When working with gemstones, for example, I used to not use the imperfect stones because they were not "perfect". How silly is that?! Luckily, now I see the beauty of the uniqueness of the stones and want nothing less than those imperfect stones which give the jewel so much more character.

There really is so much beauty in rawness and authenticity and I am so happy to be able to see this and embrace the imperfection, because this is what truly makes the piece of jewelry unique.

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