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Let's celebrate LOVE

Valentine's Day vs Galentine's Day

February 13 is Galentine's Day and February 14 is Valentine's Day.

Whether you're totally into this kind of holidays or you think it's complete commercial bullsh*t, let these days be a reminder of the importance of celebrating love.

Whether it's love for your partner, your parents, your children, your best friend, your pet, your neighbor or yourself: Let these be the days when we celebrate all kinds of love.

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Let's be honest about this: Everyone likes to be surrounded by people who celebrate them. That sweet smile, that supporting pat on the back, a word or deed of kindness. It makes our day so much better.
Even researchers are finding that people who celebrate others are more grateful, happier and have lower stress levels.
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So, whether you are in a loving relationship or single & fabulous, let's celebrate love just that little bit more on these days. Let's show people we appreciate them, and let's schedule some well-deserved me-time for ourselves. Deal?

Here are some ideas to enjoy wonderful moments of relaxation:
- Take a nice walk in the forest / beach / ... Just breathing fresh air, enjoying the beauty of nature and letting your mind wander off.
- Hug your pets.
- Have dinner with your best friend.
- Take a nice long bath.
- Dance to your favorite song.
- Meditate.
- Prepare your favorite food.
- Bing watch your favorite Netflix series.
- Sleep late.
- Dream away about your next holiday destination.
- ...
- Shop... Yes, shopping is also allowed during your me-time. Provided it's for yourself, of course. Now is the perfect time to buy that dress you love so much, or those cool boots, that trendy jacket, that nice pair of earrings...

I designed a special Valentine collection especially for you. Whether you are looking for romantic jewellery to shine on your date, or you want to spoil yourself with a beautiful gift: you are always welcome at Keelin Design.

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I always treat my customers with love, because they are the heart of my business. And I am so very grateful for that, every single day.

So let's spread that love by sending boxes filled with handmade happiness. Shop your favorite earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings or jewelry sets online and have them (beautifully packaged) delivered to your doorstep.

If you are looking for a gift but are not sure which piece of jewelry to buy, the Keelin Design digital gift cards are always a good idea.

Whatever your plans, make them count. Make it a happy day full of love and cozy feelings, with moments of warmth and pure joy.

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