Collection: Made to order

We love customized jewelry, and I bet you do too. Therefor, this "Made to Order" collection is all about custom jewelry.

What is custom jewelry?

Custom jewelry can come in many shapes and sizes.

One of our best-selling articles is the initial necklace, which you can personalize from a single letter to a full name or a word that has special meaning to you.

They are the easiest jewelry style to accessorize with. Whether you're wearing a blouse, a sweater or a cocktail dress, these necklaces fit all styles of clothing. And above that, these necklaces are a fan favorite for layering.

Add a personal touch with this unique gift

Custom jewelry is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and more. In just a few clicks you can create an unforgettable gift.

What does "made to order" mean?

Well, actually it's very simple: You choose the design of your liking, and I am happy to make it for you.

Keep in mind that the duration of the creative process varies between 1 day and 2 weeks.

You will be notified by e-mail with personalized information about your order.

Need product help?

If you have any questions or if you need help with your design, please contact me at 


Material information

Stainless Steel - I only use premium Stainless Steel that won't tarnish or scratch easily. Go for a sustainable choice by wearing this durable, recyclable and hypoallergenic material.