Collection: Essentials

Sometimes, all you need is a piece of timeless jewelry to spice up your everyday outfit. That's why the Keelin Design "Essentials" collection is all about beautiful simplicity.

Whether you like a trendy pair of statement earrings, a minimalistic necklace, a fine bracelet or a lovely pair of ear studs: Our "Essentials" collection has it all!

Add color to your great moments

Gold colored jewelry, silver colored jewelry, all-black jewelry, a sparkling touch of glitter or a flashy color,... These jewelry items are timeless treasures that vary in shape, style, color and size, but do have one important thing in common: They are the perfect jewels that will make you stand out.

Our "Essentials" are here to stay

While our "Limited Series" jewelry pieces and "Unique" jewelry pieces are made in limited numbers or are one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, our essential jewelry pieces are part of a more permanent jewelry collection.

Every piece of jewelry is created with great care and passion for you to effortlessly create the perfect look that fits your style and compliments your unique personality.


Material information

Stainless Steel - I only use premium Stainless Steel that won't tarnish or scratch easily. Go for a sustainable choice by wearing this durable, recyclable and hypoallergenic material.

Nickel-, lead- and cadmium free metal - This affordable and certified material adds a trendy touch to the jewelry design. All jewelry parts are of high-quality.

16K or 18K Gold Plated or Rhodium Plated brass - Creating a more luxury look without the cost of pure Gold, this tarnish resistant material is the perfect alternative to create sophisticated jewelry items.

Wood - All wooden jewelry parts are laser cut and hand painted. They are edited in the most fun dessins and colors, all by my hands.

(Liquid) Polymer clay - (Liquid) Polymer clay is a very versatile material. It gives me the possibility to create high-quality products that last for a long time.

UV resin - To create more depth, add some sparkly glitter or provide a jewel with a beautiful shiny finish, I love working with UV resin. It's a completely safe and non-toxic material.

(Semi)Precious stones (Gemstones) - Symbolism in jewelry is something I absolutely love. That's why I adore working with gemstones. Every stone is unique and has it's own special meaning/power.