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Custom Jewelry: Creating timeless pieces with personal meaning

Custom jewelry has long been a favorite item, allowing people to express their unique style. It is also a highly sought after gift as it is jewelry that has sentimental value to the recipient.

I am regularly asked if I make custom jewelry, and I am happy to answer this with a resounding "YES".

One of the main benefits of custom jewelry is the personal touch it provides. I have already been able to make initial necklaces, charm bracelets, bff-bracelets, matching mother-daughter earrings, and so much more... Every piece of jewelry is different and has its own personal story, that is what makes it so wonderful.


But how exactly does that work?

You can have a custom piece of jewelry made both online and offline. If you live near Anzegem, you are certainly more than welcome to come by to discuss your wishes and ideas. But this also works fine online, so don't worry if you don't live nearby.



During this phase, you share your ideas, preferences and the specific elements that you want to incorporate into the design. This can be done by sending an email to hello@keelindesign.be.

The more detailed your request, the easier for me to get an idea of ​​what exactly you want. This way I can, in turn, assist you with advice about materials, techniques and feasibility.

In general, you can expect a response from me within 24 hours with more information, additional questions, and/or to set up an appointment.


Once the initial concept has been established, I can start selecting the most suitable materials, compositions, etc. My findings and suggestions are forwarded to you, so that you remain involved in the entire process.

From selecting the materials (Stainless Steel, Sterling Silver, Gold-Plated Sterling Silver, gemstones, wood, acrylic,...) to colors, shapes, the possibility of engraving, etc... every detail is discussed and tailored to your personal preferences.

The processing time of a custom jewel depends on these specific choices.


If the agreed design is approved, the necessary materials are purchased and I can start putting together the desired piece of jewelry. An advance may be requested, depending on the cost of the jewel.

Once everything is ready, you will receive an email with photos and videos so you can inspect the details to ensure they match the agreed design. Any last minute adjustments or changes can be made at this stage before the jewelry is packed.


The jewelry will be packaged and shipped/collected as discussed.

If you buy a custom piece of jewelry as a gift, you can choose to have it sent directly to the recipient, with or without a personal message and/or card.


During this entire process, communication and smooth collaboration are crucial to ensure that the final piece of jewelry meets or even exceeds your expectations.

Creating a custom jewel is a delicate dance between artistic vision, technical expertise and the personal story woven into the design.

Thank you for letting me be part of your personal story!

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