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Decoding the factors: How shipping costs are determined for our handmade jewelry

Shipping costs are a crucial aspect of any online business. It is not only important that you have the option to have your favorite jewelry delivered to your door, it is also extremely important that this is done carefully, quickly and safely.


What factors contribute to the calculation of shipping costs?

  • Weight and dimensions

One of the most important factors affecting shipping costs is the weight and dimensions of the items being shipped. It is therefore only logical that a jewelry display cannot be sent in a small mail-box or air cushion envelope, and that the shipping costs are therefore more expensive than the standard shipping costs for, for example, a pair of earrings.

  • Shipment destination

The distance between my location and the customer's address greatly affects shipping costs. Shipping to international destinations is usually more expensive than domestic shipping due to longer transit times, among other things.

  • Shipping method

The shipping method you choose plays a crucial role in determining the total shipping cost. I offer several options so that you as a customer can choose the shipping method that best suits your preference and budget. Personally, I prefer shipping with track & trace, because you can track your order online. This shipping method is free for purchases of 50 Euro or more.


Shipping options for domestic shipping:

  • Shipping with air cushion envelope is 3 Euro (It is not possible to track your package online).
  • Express shipping with track & trace code costs 6 Euro when you choose to collect from a postal point or parcel locker.
  • Express shipping with track & trace code is 7.50 Euro when you choose shipping to a home address.
  • Standard shipping with UPS is 8.50 Euro (delivery to a home address).


I regularly receive responses from (potential) customers that shipping costs are expensive, and I completely understand this. That is why I consciously choose to accommodate you by:

  • offering free express shipping for purchases over 50 Euro
  • offering free pick-up (by appointment or during sales times in my studio in Anzegem)
  • offering free local delivery if you live in the Anzegem area


What many people do not realize is that:

  • BPost makes it an annual habit to upgrade the shipping costs (and I do not always pass these changes on to my customers).
  • the price for creating a shipping label is more expensive for me than the indicated price for shipping that my customers pay (not to mention the ink and labels themselves that must be purchased to print the shipping labels).
  • the price of the air cushion envelopes and shipping boxes are paid in full by me.
  • the price of the additional (packaging) materials such as tissue paper, stickers, adhesive tape, thank you card, business card, etc. are also paid in full by me.

Safe and protective packaging is essential to ensure that your purchased jewelry is delivered to you in perfect condition. I don't want to save money on this.

I hope to have informed you sufficiently in this way about how exactly the shipping costs are calculated, and what my own contribution is to this. And so I hope that, if I am forced to increase my shipping costs in the future, you can understand this, knowing that I will still do everything possible to continue to offer the best possible service.

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