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Alles-wat-je-moet-weten-over-het-stylen-van-gouden-sieraden-De-ultieme-gids Keelin Design

Everything you need to know about styling gold jewelry: The ultimate guide

Who doesn't love the beautiful glamor of gold colored jewelry? Gold jewelry is a timeless accessory that can brighten up any outfit, but with so many styles and trends to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know exactly how to style it. From classic designs to modern pieces, our ultimate guide will help you find the perfect way to choose the right gold jewellery for every occasion.



Consider your skin tone: The color of gold you choose can have a big impact on how it looks against your skin tone, so experiment to find what works best for you.

When it comes to styling gold jewelry, one important factor to consider is your skin tone. The color of gold you choose can make a huge difference in how it looks on you.

For people with a warm undertone, such as people with golden or olive skin, yellow gold is the perfect complement. On the other hand, if you have cool undertones like pink or red skin, go for a white gold piece that offsets the pinkness and makes your skin appear brighter.

It's also worth experimenting with rose gold which has become popular in recent years and works well on different skin tones.

The key is to try different shades against your skin to see what suits you best before making a purchase.

Alles wat je moet weten over het stylen van gouden sieraden: De ultieme gids - Keelin Design



Mix and match metals: Don't be afraid to mix gold with other metals for a unique and personalized look.

Mixing and matching metals is a high fashion trend that has gained popularity over the years. The key to successfully mixing gold with other metals is to focus on balance and harmony. To achieve this, choose one metal as the dominant color and one for accents.

A popular way to mix metals is to stack several rings, bracelets or necklaces of different metals to create a layered look.

However, be careful not to overdo it as too many pieces can take away from your overall style. Experiment with different metal combinations until you find the perfect look that suits your personal style.


Alles wat je moet weten over het stylen van gouden sieraden: De ultieme gids - Keelin DesignCREDITS: KEELIN DESIGN


Layer your necklaces: Create depth and dimension by layering necklaces of different lengths and styles.

Layered necklaces have become a trend that adds interest and personality to every outfit. To master the layered look, choose necklaces in different lengths and styles.

Start with a choker or short pendant necklace for the first layer, followed by a medium length necklace for the second layer, and finish with a longer necklace for the third layer.

Mixing different textures and chain types adds depth to your layered look, while coordinating colors create a cohesive look.

Don't forget to balance it out by wearing simpler clothes to make your jewelry stand out.


Alles wat je moet weten over het stylen van gouden sieraden: De ultieme gidsCREDITS: CANVA


Dainty vs. bold pieces: Play with both dainty and bold pieces to create the perfect balance in your overall look.

When it comes to styling gold jewelry, experimenting with different types of jewelry is key.

Dainty pieces can add a touch of elegance and femininity to your outfit while bold pieces make a statement and add some edge.

To create the perfect balance in your overall look, try experimenting with both dainty and bold pieces.

For example, combine a delicate gold necklace with a thick cuff bracelet or statement earrings to create a complementary yet striking look.

Remember, it's all about finding what works for you and what makes you feel confident and beautiful.


CREDITS: Model @ikbenmartaxo | Photographer: @robbannaphotography | Jewellery: @keelindesign


The ultimate guide to styling gold jewelry

There you have it: our ultimate guide to styling gold jewelry. Wearing gold jewelry gives you a stylish and timeless look. Whatever your choice of style, you are bound to have all eyes on you.

So, why not purchase some beautiful gold jewelry? At Keelin Design, we have a beautiful variety of gold colored jewelry to choose from, along with many other stylish pieces that will make you shine.

Shop your favorites today online.

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