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The ultimate guide to learning how to style silver jewelry like a pro

Silver is a timeless color that can make any outfit look chic and modern. With some creativity and practice, you can learn how to style silver jewelry to its fullest. In this guide you will find tips on styling necklaces, rings, earrings and more for every occasion.




Determine your style palette and outfit

Before you start styling your silver jewelry, you need to determine the colors and overall look of your outfit. Think of mood, seasonality and the occasion what you dress for.

For example, if you're attending a stylish cocktail event in the summer, opt for lightweight materials like linen or chiffon. As for colors, combine a few different pastel shades like lavender and mint green for a light-hearted palette.

For a more formal winter affair, try dark shades like Burgundy paired with fabrics like velvet or leather.

These color choices will help ensure that your jewelry style perfectly complements your chosen outfit.



Choose jewelry that matches your skin tone

When you combine your jewelry with the rest of your outfit, make sure you keep in mind your physical characteristics.

Silver jewelry often best accentuates skin tones with a cool complexion, while warm-colored jewelry such as gold is more complementary for deeper skin tones.

When it comes to styling silver jewelry to match your hair color, consider shades like rose gold if you're blonde and opt for intense oxidized silver tones if you're brunette. You can also opt for classic silver accessories for chestnut and redheads!


Maximize the impact with accessories by applying the trendy layering technique

Nothing beats necklace layering, stacking rings and creating a fun ear party to make a bold statement!

Whether you choose a mix of choker, collar and lariat necklaces, all in different sizes or layers created with several ornate pieces, styling silver jewelry will take your look from ordinary to extraordinary with minimal effort.

Do you have multiple holes in your ear? Decorate your ears by gradually wearing different earrings in (glittering) silver. This allows you to create an impressive statement without it becoming too overwhelming.

Consider combining different earrings with some mini hoops for the perfect combination of delicate and dramatic - it really is a matter of personal preference.


Embrace mixed metals with confidence

Gone are the days when silver jewelry is limited to silver alone - embracing different colors and textures is key to taking your look to the next level.

The beauty of silver jewelry is that it goes with everything! Mix it with other metals like gold, rose gold or brilliant bronze - any combination of colors that makes you feel confident and comfortable will work.

Whether you pair a classic plain statement necklace with a trendy rose gold cuff bracelet or pair cascading earrings with some delicate earring hoops, don't be afraid to express your individual style and take risks.


Learn how to properly care for silver jewelry

As with all jewelry, proper care is essential to keep your silver jewelry in its best condition.

It is recommended to clean your silver jewelry regularly with the help of a jewelry cleaning cloth and keep your jewelry away from other jewelry or items that could cause scratches.

In addition, it is important to leave your silver jewelry out while using cleaning products, showering or swimming. This can cause deposits and permanent damage.

Do you want more tips to enjoy your silver-colored jewelry for longer? Download our free jewelry care tips. You can find them at our giveaways:
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With these simple tips and tricks you will have a beautiful collection of silver jewelry in no time!

Would you like to further expand your silver jewelery collection? At Keelin Design we have a nice variety of silver jewelry to choose from, along with many other stylish jewels that will make you shine.

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