Discover which earrings emphasize your beauty most. Keelin Design

Discover which earrings emphasize your beauty most

"Why does my friend look so good with big statement earrings when little buttons are much better for me?"


While certain earrings don't emphasize your beauty, they can be very flattering for someone else. This is mainly determined by the shape of your face. Just as this shape determines which hairstyle or glasses frame suits you best, it also determines which earrings will flatter you the most.

Would you like to know which earrings are best for you? You can easily discover this yourself from the comfort of your own home.

Download our free guide to help you discover which face shape you have and which earrings are best for you. (You can find the Dutch version of our guide here)

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Match your jewelry to your bone structure

- Small, fine bone structure: Don't let your jewelry overpower your gentle beauty. Go for thin earrings, choose fine lines and structure. The jewelry of our Minimalistic Jewelry collection are perfect for you.
- Medium bone structure: Opt for medium size jewelry. Don't wear too fine earrings but also don't go all in with the big and bold ones. Try to fine a nice balance.
- Large bone structure: Those big and bold statement earrings are the perfect match for you.

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Match your jewelry to your own coloring:

Did you ever get a personal color analysis? Then you will know which colors look best on you. This isn't only important when shopping for clothing but also when choosing the right jewelry.
If you have warm undertones in your skin (yellow, peach), your color type is spring or autumn. In this case you look best wearing gold and copper.
- If you have pink or blue undertones in your skin, your color type is winter or summer. Silver and pewter will make you look fabulous.

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Choose jewelry that fit your personality:

Are you a romantic type that loves a very feminine style? Do you prefer a dramatic style and bold, edgy designs? Are you an artistic type that prefers bright color combinations? Or do you want to go for a natural, classic look and prefer ton sur ton and pure simplicity?
Show off your personality and make a personal statement, choosing jewelry that compliments who you are.

📷⁠⁠ Production/Styling: | Make-up: @joybrabantmakeup⁠⁠ | Model: @sophiazahiri⁠⁠ | In collaboration with @captaincork_be

Wear jewelry that suit your lifestyle

Are you a lawyer, a saleswoman, a kindergarden teacher? Your job determines the jewelry you will be wearing to work everyday.
Working with little children, I bet they love a teacher who wears bright colors. But try to visualize a financial adviser wearing hot pink tassel earrings: That just doesn't fit the profile, does it? It is best to avoid large dangly earrings in a conservative field like law and finance. Go for a classic style to emphasize your authority.


And above all that: HAVE FUN!


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