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What are the best initial necklaces for 2023?

These days, there are so many different items on the market that can be customized. Think of t-shirts, mugs, tote bags,... Of all these amazing gift ideas, jewelry still is one of the most sought after.


Initial jewelry (also called monogram jewelry) has been around for many centuries and worn by the biggest celebrities of their time.

Although we see these items with the high end fashion brands, it doesn't make them any less accessible for us. Initial jewelry comes in all shapes and forms, and often for a very affordable price.


Go for timeless jewelry

Jewelry trends are constantly changing. While some trends leave to never come back, the initial necklace has become a real classic, timeless piece of jewelry.

Whether you choose to go with just one single letter or a full name, you can create something very beautiful and unique. You can even choose a word that has a special meaning for you, which makes it an even more special to wear around your neck.



Which initials should you choose for 2023?

The best part of initial necklaces is the fact that there are no rules when it comes to choosing the right initials. But I'm happy to list a few common options to choose from that make the piece even more meaningful.

#1 Personal Initials
Personal initials are the most common choice. Although it may seem like an obvious choice, this truly is a classic and timeless option.

#2 Initials of your loved one
Another option is the initials of your partner. It's an obvious choice as well, but it's common for a reason of course. Or how about a combination of their initial and yours? Maybe with a cute heart in-between? It's so simple but oh so sweet!

#3 Kids names
Wearing the name or initials of your child is also a very common choice. Just like putting the name of your partner on your necklace, this is an easy way to carry your loved ones with you all day. A great gift for Mother's Day!

#4 Meaningful word
Empower yourself by wearing a word that has a special meaning for you. One of the choices Keelin Design customers have chosen before are "Strong", "Girlpower", "Warrior", "Angel", "Smile", "Badass", "Fabulous" and "Hope".



Share the love

Wearing your own initial necklace is great, but sharing the love is even more amazing.

If you're looking for an awesome personalized gift, our initial necklace sets are just the thing you need.

Here are some examples to choose from:
- "Best" & "Friends"
- "Mom" & "Daughter"
- "Sisters" & "Sisters"
- "BFF" & "BFF"

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